Namaste Fashionistas/os! Hope you are all having a great week!

This week, a fellow Fashionista is back wearing none other than striped pants. Now, some might feel that striped pants can be difficult to wear. However, the important tip is to use “skinny stripes” as they effortlessly blend with any color. In addition, another hint is to wear a top that is neutral or simple in way that does not overwhelm.

As you can all see, the varieties of simple colors blend in even with the simple shimmery top. In addition, the cross-body bag adds a pretty aqua shine to the whole look. The striped pants are pivotal in the look because it is unexpected. I feel this is the way to go, because in order to show unique style and personality, one must take that risk. After you read about different Fashionistas/os, I ask you all to be fearless. I advise this to the Fashionistas/os because you will never know what something will entail, until you take that risk and chance. Go for it and slay!

How To: Have you ever wanted to try out striped pants, but were afraid to try them on? Please do not worry as one can easily imitate this look with something simple to complement the look. I even suggest a long and simple cardigan to add on to a plain shirt. This will look great with the pants, so go add a pop of color, whether it is nails or a cute bag. The overall goal is to look classy, always!