ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stressed Student and Distressed Denim

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stressed Student and Distressed Denim

Living in Florida means that winter is more of an idea than a season. However, tons of people, including myself, choose to live in denial of that fact and wear long sleeves and pants everyday anyway in order to get some use out of our cold weather clothes.

As much as I would love to layer jackets over my outfits for a more polished look, it’s usually a safer option to wear more light-weight pieces—especially if you have to walk to class! This Fashionista gives a perfect example of how to dress for class, or any casual event, in Florida’s weird, in-between temperatures while still looking chic and paying attention to detail.

At first glance her outfit just seems to pair a dark green, long-sleeved top with dark-wash denim and slip-on sandals—a Florida staple. But, with a second look you will notice that there are many more elements to this ensemble.

To start off, the keyhole detail at the front of her blouse combined with a feminine bow, tie the look together. She also has a black, lace bralette peeking through the top of her shirt, bringing out another texture to the look.

The distressed look of this Fashionista’s jeans are also not to go unnoticed. Not only does she have rips in her jeans throughout the length of the pant legs, but the hems at the bottoms are also frayed, which is a trend from 2016 that I personally loved. The black details also all coordinate together and keep the look balanced.

If you want to recreate this look or achieve something similar, check out these jeans from Express. They’re not an exact match, but still feature the same ripped details along with the frayed hem at the bottom. For the top, check out this one from American Eagle Outfitters. Again, it’s only a similar style, but might actually be more practical for people in other climates due to the turtle neck.