ALL IN THE DETAILS: Step Aside, Dorothy!

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy made red glitter heels popular. Clicking her heels three times, she was able to return to where she wanted to be: home. This Fashionista, however, had to rush from home! In an effort to make it to class on time, she snagged the prime accessory to jazz up an outfit: glittery shoes! And not just any type of glitter-infused shoe; she grabbed blue glitter lace-ups. Despite Dorothy’s success in making her red heels all the rage, this Fashionista chose blue instead, adding an unexpected and unique flair to an uncomplicated winter outfit.

This Fashionista knows just how to make her flat lace-ups the showpiece accessory in her outfit. Keeping it formal yet casual, she wears a dark gray sweater. To emphasize her waist, she wears a patent black belt to clinch the loose sweater while also showing off her curves. Paired with simple blue jeans, this understated outfit is the perfect canvas for a statement piece like glittering shoes! Her slippers resemble oxfords, which have always been known to add a level of classiness to an outfit. However, with the cute laces and glitter, the shoe becomes fun on its own and injects energy into an otherwise straightforward ensemble.

How To: Worried glittery shoes will clash with an outfit? Not to worry! Pair them with a glitter clutch to make the accessories match. Many clutches and purses are available in a variety of glistening colors. If purchasing a bag is not possible, complement the color of the shoes with a top or dress in your wardrobe. A bold color goes great with bold shoes!