Summer is the season that, more often than not, many look forward to. It’s all about the sunshine, outdoor movies, sweet childhood memories and so on. Speaking of sweet memories, one summer as a pre-teen I fell in love with the movie Now and Then. I watched the movie so many times the scratches on the DVD were beyond repair. Saying I loved that movie is an understatement, I was clearly obsessed! I mean how couldn’t I be? The story line was totally relatable; plus, the fashion was to die for! Now and Then taught me the importance of my youth and happiness- stay golden!

I spotted this Fashionista relaxing near the gorgeous city waterfront. Let’s begin with her crop top that gives off a sexy, vintage vibe. The crop top is filled with small flower bouquets against a vibrant red background. She cuffed her sleeves to sharpen her look and left a few buttons undone to let the collar flow. This Fashionista added a pair of high-waisted, deep indigo shorts with great detailing. The edge of the shorts are slightly frayed and flipped over to give a contrast of color. Alas, I love her fun, metallic slip-on sneakers. Slip-on sneakers have been on trend year round and the gold shimmer in these are perfect for summer. I am actually on the hunt for a great pair. Her accessories are minimalistic, which is perfect on a hot day. She wore the popular Alex and Ani bracelets with a dainty “Love” necklace and diamond studs.

This reminds me of the attire the characters from Now and Then would wear on their daily adventures. Deep-hued, high-waisted shorts with cuffs plus button-up shirts were a must. The gold slip-on sneakers were icing on the cake, and refreshes my memory my youth and happiness!

How To: Do you have an adventurous day ahead of you? Grab your favorite denim shorts, a flowy top, a cute pair of sneakers and your sunnies. You will be comfortable all day!