ALL IN THE DETAILS: Statement Necklaces

This week’s article is all about making a statement. Statement necklaces should be a key component in every Fashionista’s wardrobe. They can instantly add so much more to any outfit! You can take a simple outfit, throw on a stylish necklace and just like that you are looking cute and trendy.

Statement necklaces are great for getting ready in the morning as well. By just adding a necklace to improve an outfit you are saving time getting ready. Statement necklaces are fun, chic and sophisticated. The great thing about them is that there are so many options to choose from and they are mostly inexpensive. There are necklaces to complement every outfit. You can also wear them with different outfits to create different looks.

This week’s Fashionista attends Marist college and she’s sporting a chic outfit featuring a huge, metallic Aztec-inspired necklace. It is a silver rustic metal that has circular plates as well as rounded long beads. The beads have etched detailing on them.

Adding a statement necklace like this one automatically enhances your outfit. It is an eye-catching and unique piece that draws peoples attention. Tess paired her necklace with a flowy off-the-shoulder boho cream top. Over the top she is wearing denim overalls with asymmetrical front pockets. To finish off the look she is wearing white adidas that match her top. The necklace adds so much to the outfit because the size and intricate detailing is taking a neutral based outfit and making it pop.

How To: To imitate this looks you can find a similar bold necklace. Even if you do not feel comfortable wearing overalls, just wearing a big bold statement necklace like this immediately transforms your outfit into a sophisticated, modern look. The sneakers make the outfit casual and comfortable but to make it more dressy you could also pair it with some booties that complement the look. Overalls are a great statement even without the necklace. They come in many different colors and there are even shorts versions.