ALL IN THE DETAILS: Statement Jackets vs. Gloomy Days

Lately, Wisconsin’s weather has been sporadic with snow, clouds and the occasional sunny day. Nonetheless, the general tone of the campus’ weather has been dreary. Ultimately, this creates a fashion dilemma for Fashionistas and Fashionistos attempting to see beyond the gray skies in their own winter wardrobes. Despite the gloomy days, I was able to find this Fashionista with a plaid statement jacket that made her stand out on a snowy afternoon. The combination of the elements in her look is a visual explosion from her plaid coat down to her shoes and accessories. There is a way to add flavor on a winter day simply through a necessity: a statement jacket.

Not only did this Fashionista create a focus on the plaid jacket, but the combination with various accessories creates a balanced look. In addition to the zip-up jacket, she dons a pair of patent leather shoes and an arm party of bracelets while wearing a canvas hat. There are many details in this Fashionista’s look; however, I cannot take my eyes off her jacket’s boldness. Vibrant winter jackets, coats and trenches are a perfect way to brighten up any wardrobe given the winter weather in Wisconsin. While a plaid jacket is a fantastic idea to create this statement, it could vary in any loud color or pattern such as a geometric printed jacket, or an extra daring jacket with a combination of patterns.

How To: On the search for a new coat or jacket to survive the winter? Follow this Fashionista’s lead with a statement coat or jacket to keep warm, and make any day just a little brighter. For an extra bold look, combine a statement coat with contrasting accessories for a visual party.