The most fun part about putting together a bomb outfit is sweating the little things, at least to me. That’s when you really get to make a look your own and attract attention to what you’re wearing.

I caught this Fashionista downtown, at golden hour, and the stars just aligned. She is so hip, bold, and trendy, it pains me! I’m starting to see this new trend emerge with frayed jean bottoms, and this Fashionista is at the beginning of the wave with her lightly distressed, frayed jeans. Altering your jeans is an easy way to pay attention to detail because jeans are so versatile and you can do so much with them. For example, patches are really big right now and I love seeing how people personalize their back jean pockets with fun patches.

This Fashionista fused ’70s and current fashion together in a single shirt and it’s actually magical. She is wearing an open, silky black blouse (the now) with large bell sleeves (the ’70s). Her sleeves mirror the flare of her frayed jean bottoms, and if that’s not attention to detail, I don’t know what is! Peeking out of her blouse is a flirty and cute black bralette; bralettes are another way to make a more intricate outfit because they’re so detailed with their patterns.

The star of the show (pun intended) is the golden, star body chain this Fashionista is rocking. It is so chic and and an awesome statement piece. There are so many different kinds of body chains out there and they’re all so cute, but this star one is one of my favorites because it reminded me of The Weeknd’s song “Stargirl” with Lana Del Rey.

How do you get all into the details when putting together outfits?