ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stand Out Scarves

‘Tis the season many Fashionistas shift their wardrobe to dark toned neutrals. There is no denying that it can be easy to get lost in a sea of gray during those long gloomy months. Don’t be afraid to break routine by adding pops of color to your winter look. There is no better way to stand out in a crowd of drab by wearing bursting pigments and bold accessories. Having trouble finding the right eye-catching piece? When in doubt, a cozy vibrant scarf will always do the trick.

During the winter, a scarf is the most perfect last minute accessory that can add color and personality to any look. This Fashionista is rocking a blush knit infinity scarf over her all black apparel. There are endless options when it comes to scarves so it’s easy to adjust to fit to your own style. Some style favorites include chunky cable knits, playful patterned and multi-colored scarves. There are also solid colored basics for those who are looking for the plain and simple. What can I say? It’s true that a girl can never have too many scarves.

How To: If you’re feeling stuck in your neutral toned winter wardrobe, pair your look with a bright colored scarf as you’re heading out the door. Although it’s an easy adjustment, a little color goes a long way. There is a large variety of scarves out on the market. Be sure to explore your options and choose a scarf that reflects your personal style.