ALL IN THE DETAILS: Stacks On Stacks

Gone are the old matching jewelry combinations and in are the mismatched layers of gold and silver and even multicolored jewelry. Different jewelry finishes add flair to any outfit, and it is a great way to showcase some of your favorite pieces without worrying if they match or not. Gold and silver layered necklaces can be seen almost everywhere nowadays. Especially during the summer months, Fashionistas can be seen layering multicolored jewelry such as bracelets, which they have collected from their travels. This Fashionista can be seen wearing different jewelry and accessories that are right on trend.

This Fashionista’s necklaces are a perfect example of how well gold and silver necklaces can be paired together. The trendy necklaces complement her laid back summer style while not making the outfit look too busy. This Fashionista also added a stack of multicolored bracelets to her outfit to give it some more flair. Often times people are afraid to mix and match jewelry such as bracelets, but this Fashionista makes it looks effortless. The multicolored bracelets worn by this Fashionista show off different places that she has traveled and also add some edge to her outfit.

How To: Have you been dying to take out some of your old jewelry pieces but aren’t sure how to wear them? Simply gather up some of your favorite old necklaces no matter the finish, and layer a couple of them to complete your look. Different necklace finishes will be sure to make your look stand out, and they also allow you to leave a personal touch.