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Properly accessorizing for summer can sometimes be a struggle. With the hot, humid weather and copious outdoor activities, finding the right accessories that won’t get in the way can be difficult. Blanket scarves that are perfect to envelope yourself in during frostbite-worthy winters are out of the question. Even oversized hoop earrings can be difficult to wear while doing summer activities like swimming, shopping or spending a day at the beach. That is why this Fashionista’s accessories are perfect for summer.

This Fashionista decided to accessorize with a pair of small studs, a gold watch and a few charm bracelets. The glistening gold shine of the Fashionista’s arm candy stood out to me as quite versatile. The pieces she used to complement her look were not only trendy, but also lightweight, which is vital for any summer jewelry. Her black leather Vans accompanied the luxe feel given by the jewelry. A black and white striped dress complemented the simplicity of her accessories, while the flannel added a bold statement to the outfit by adding color and pattern. Using a colorful charm on one of the bangles, she was able to tie in the accessories with the color from the flannel. The gold accessories helped to add interest and texture to a majorly cotton outfit. Her jewelry kept the look put together and sophisticated, yet other elements made it summer appropriate. Though understated, the accessories truly helped to take this Fashionista’s look to a whole other level.

How To: You can replicate this summer ready ensemble by throwing together a few gold bangles, a pair of gold backed diamond studs and a luxe gold watch. Keep the outfit simple with a T-shirt dress. Change up the shoes by selecting a colorful pair or ones with a unique texture in order to add interest to the rest of the look.