March 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

February is officially over and March is finally here! This means that we’re one step closer to spring break, everyone. We’re almost there! I love that you can start to spot more and more people wearing florals and pastel colors while walking around campus. Although we still have a couple more weeks to go, there’s no harm done in inching in a little bit of spring into your style to begin your transition away from your winter wardrobe.

This Fashionista did just that, and she rocked it while doing so. The focus of her outfit is on her floral skirt. This is the perfect winter-to-spring transitional piece because it incorporates a classic spring pattern with darker, cooler winter colors like purple, forest green and black. She lightened her outfit by wearing a gray long sleeve shirt. For shoes, she wore dark brown, under-the-knee boots which gave a slight hint of warmer tones to contrast the grayscale of the rest of her look.

With the weather slowly but surely warming up, we can start to blow the dust off of our spring clothing and begin rocking them again in the name of spring. Especially if you live in a place where the weather can still seem like winter at times, take some style inspiration from this Fashionista and just start slowly mixing spring patterns or colors into your outfits. It can be a great seasonal refreshment to a winter wardrobe!

How To: Tired of winter motifs like nordic patterns and snowflakes? Have no fear; March is here. Add a splash of classic spring florals to your look for a seasonal update. From cute, flouncy floral skirts to flower-y trousers to sweet floral dresses, the options are simply endless!