ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring Break Fashion

Although a brief period of time, spring break has always been one of the best and relaxing times for students, regardless of what grade they are in. As college students, the frequent school work persuades us to enjoy the free time that we have, spending most of our time doing some of the things we love the most. Although catching up on sleep is one of the best things to do during spring break, my friends and I planned a trip to New York City. It would be our place of relaxation and excitement, while exploring the different things out there. After making this decision, the United Nations headquarters was one of the main places we had in mind to go.

There may be many things to explore in New York City, but there was something very unique about the United Nations headquarters. It seemed like a huge place filled with diversity, historical and current knowledge, and so much class! We all dressed very decent for this tour, however, one person out of the group dressed extremely unique and owned his fashion style.

This Fashionisto’s look was a mix of professionalism, comfort, and personal style. For his sharp look, he paired his black pants with a white long sleeve button-down shirt and a pair of black and white air sneakers. To prepare for the cold, he added a long gray wool jacket and a gray scarf. Personally, this fashionisto likes to dress very decent. Although a very simple look with pants and a shirt, his use of the gray  jacket and scarf helped switch up the look to a more professional look. Overall, he was the best dressed out of the team! For this Fashionisto, going to a place that teaches the present generations about past events and possible outcomes in the future, nothing could mean more to him than to dress well enough for the good contributions that the UN has offered.