ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sporty In Sneaks

March 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

Finally! The first signs of spring have arrived and the students at the University of Rhode Island are expressing their excitement for warmer weather through their outfits. This Fashionista has put away her big winter jacket and replaced it with a vest over top of a crewneck sweatshirt. However, the part of her outfit that caught my eye was her beautiful white Converse sneakers. When you want a shoe that is comfortable, casual, but still makes a statement and is fashion-forward, just throw on a pair of white Chucks and go. In the past year, white Converse have made their way back in and they are a hot trend for this upcoming spring season. They’re the perfect shoes for when you want a cute and relaxed look.

This Fashionista wears her white sneakers with a graphic white crewneck sweatshirt and pulls off a very trendy look. Graphic crewnecks, although casual, can be very chic when paired with the right shoes and accessories. The black vest, the black shoulder bag and the black leggings she is wearing contrast nicely with the white Converse sneakers and make them really stand out. The white sweatshirt helps create a nice balance between the black and white theme she is sporting. All of these elements work together to create a clean, casual and finished look. White Converse are a bold shoe choice because they stand out with whatever you’re wearing and they match with everything.

Another way you can wear these versatile sneakers is with a pair of boyfriend jeans, a white V-neck and a long top coat over the V-neck. Only a woman who is practical yet fashionable would wear a sophisticated top coat with a pair of white Chuck Taylors. Whether you have a pair of classic white high-tops or if you’re more of a low-cut kind of girl, wear your shoes with confidence. Nothing says you’re ready to conquer the day like rocking a pair of bright white sneaks.

How To: If you want to brighten up an outfit and make a statement, a pair of clean white Converse sneakers is the perfect addition to execute the look you want.