March 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Sporty-chic: sounds crazy, right?  But on our little campus it seems to be a trend.  More and more people are incorporating “athleisure” in their day-to-day style. What is athleisure, you ask? According to Urban Dictionary, athleisure is, “An industry term for athletic wear that can be worn away from the gym.” This gym-to-street style is becoming popular with stores like lululemon and Nike selling their casual, yet cute athletic wear.

I for one am a fan of athleisure. As a dancer and gym dweller, I am constantly looking for stylish athletic wear that I can take to the street. However, I try to not make a habit of it. I wear tennis shoes often, but I can only wear mine with athletic clothes. My neon orange and purple tennis shoes aren’t stylish enough to wear with my favorite jacket. I feel that others have the same problem. You want to be cute but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of your running shoes. Before you get your toes curled in your New Balances, check out this Fashionista who brings style to comfort.

This Fashionista styles the sporty-chic trend her own way. Instead of taking those yoga pants from the gym to the street, she incorporates her sporty tennis shoes. Her shoes are the perfect addition to her outfit while keeping her toes comfy. I love how she pairs jeans with her shoes, and the plaid shirt ties everything together. The flowy jacket finishes off the look with just the right touch of comfortable casual. I am all about looking good and being comfortable, and this Fashionista nails it.

Finding the right of pair of tennis shoes can be tough, though. I suggest doing some research and finding which kind you want. Are you more of a Chuck Taylor girl, or a do you love New Balance 574’s? I have seen this Fashionista wear some New Balance 574’s as well and she rocks it every time. Or switch it up with some Keds-style shoes, but try them on first. Sometimes tennis shoes aren’t as comfortable as they appear so go for a test run in the store before purchasing.

How To: So you’ve found your stylish tennis shoes, now what? I suggest starting basic with a pair of cropped jeans and basic T-shirt. Once you’ve mastered that look, begin to play around and see what you like!