ALL IN THE DETAILS: Splashes of Burgundy

On the first day of school, everyone rocks their best outfit to give a good first impression. But nowadays, the cold weather makes some of us too lazy to put effort into anything. A shirt and leggings is becoming the typical outfit, which is not a bad thing. They are simple pieces that are put together but, sometimes, it could be a bit boring. To spice up an outfit, add small details. This Fashionista makes a shirt and leggings look fabulous. She played well with her colors and also added the perfect amount of accessories to catch anyone’s attention.

This Fashionista goes beyond the simple black leggings and chose blues ones instead. Her burgundy shirt is unique; it has the “business in the front, party in the back” feel. With her coat on, her necklace is the staple accessory. But once she takes off her coat, it is a whole different story. The open back tells the world she is ready to have a good time, but it is not too revealing since the front covers her up. With that, it is like she has two different outfits going on depending on what she is wearing. To finish off her outfit, she wears a cute navy and burgundy hat and a large shoulder bag. She makes her simple outfit her canvas by adding these small accessories.

How To: Afraid of wearing leggings with a shirt because it is too boring? That is what accessories are for. Incorporating little pieces of jewels can go a long way. And don’t forget about adding some color. Black leggings are not the only leggings that exist. Try gray or blue ones! These neutral colors let you create an outfit in every form.