ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sparkling Baubles

Every once in a while, I’ll finally wake up after snoozing my alarm five times and drag myself to my closet. Once I get there, wipe my eyes and have the courage to look at my closet, the only thing that really sounds appealing is a pair of jeans and a basic shirt. While I’m typically one who gets dressed up every day—no matter the day’s agenda—every once in a while I just won’t be in the mood. This Fashionista, who I spotted on campus after her noon class, knows exactly what the cure to my style blues is: pretty jewelry.

When getting dressed on those rare yet disheartening days, I usually reach for my loose-fit blue jeans and a comfortable T-shirt. Although, this Fashionista proves that outfit doesn’t always have to lack personality. Her ensemble was the perfect combination of basic yet pretty with the help of a few select accessories.

She styled her dark-wash denim skinny jeans with a cotton long sleeve gray sweater; this combination is not only a perfect canvas for accessories, but also essential to staying warm in the cold temperatures. To dress her look up for her on-campus job, she wore a pair of black knee-high boots with buckle detailing. The real star of her look, though, was her pretty jeweled and beaded necklace. Without a doubt the statement piece of her look, this necklace effortlessly dressed up her outfit.

Even on days when you’re not feeling like yourself, there are ways to dress up your basic outfits. Reach for a dazzling necklace like this Fashionista, or even a pretty bracelet or bedazzled watch. With any luck, the pretty baubles you choose will brighten your day!

How To: Dress up your basic outfit with some sparkling, shiny jewelry. From a bright crystal necklace to a pair of gemstone earrings, these attention-grabbing jewels are sure to take any basic outfit to the next level.