ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sparkles And Rainbows

Mid-August is a bittersweet time for many as summer is slowly coming to an end, and friends are packing to return to school one by one. The Fashionista featured here knows how to hold onto the last bit of summer by incorporating vibrant rainbow shades into her everyday look.

A foolproof way to add fun pops of color into your day without overwhelming your outfit with all the colors of the spectrum is to wear Cruciani bracelets. These bracelets have been wildly popular since last summer, and numerous fashion icons and celebrities, including Beyonce, have been sporting them. Not only do Cruciani bracelets come in every color you could imagine, but many of them are also associated with good causes, including the 2011 Fukushima earthquake and breast cancer awareness. With the wide variety of choices available, one is sure to find a bracelet with a design and color that represents their character. This Fashionista shows us another way of rocking these bracelets by wearing it as an anklet. If you are having trouble deciding on a bracelet, consider one with bright neon shades that will help your residual summer tan stand out when you wear it against your skin.

Once you’ve got your Cruciani bracelets on lock, don’t forget to add some sparkle to your look by pairing it with something shiny. This Fashionista is wearing a custom-made necklace with a cylinder pendant that holds her dog’s ashes. Many pet cremation businesses now offer this option for stylish owners that want to keep their pets close to their heart and soul all the time.

Bling is not restricted to jewelry; take your inspiration from this Fashionista, and deck out your feet with some metallic sandals. This Fashionista has on the Wyatt sandals from Jimmy Choo. The shimmery sandals on her feet finish off her outfit nicely and allow her to channel positive summer vibes for the rest of August.

How To: If Cruciani bracelets are out of your budget, you can still get your splash of rainbow colors by wearing these rainbow ribbon hair ties around your wrist.