ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sparkle On, Shine Bright

The truth is that you can never go wrong with accessories. Of course, you’ve got to know when to wear it and how much to wear it, but overall, accessories are always a good idea! They complete the outfit and can make you look simple, but also trendy and full of personality. After all, summertime is here and this is the perfect time to invest on these small details to brighten up your outfit just like this Fashionista decided to do. She chose to wear a basic and casual outfit and to truly invest on accessories giving a more stylish and gypsy feel to her overall look.

I really liked how the Fashionista decided to wear an all-sequin kimono on top of the jewelry; it was the right touch she needed to complete the look. Not to mention these are super trendy now and ideal for composing summertime looks. Also, notice how she decided to match the same turquoise stone on both her necklace and ring to truly bring the details together into a great final touch.

Don’t be afraid to wear more than one necklace at a time, they can make great combos. The Fashionista was right on-trend when bringing these two necklaces together and matching them with the sequins. The same goes for rings and bracelets; don’t be afraid to add them up in order to a create something more fun. However, as I mentioned before, you need to know when and how much to wear it. If you decide to add up some bracelets, do not over do it on the rings. Otherwise, you might end up looking tacky and that is not what we want the final outfit to look like.

How To: It is simple. All you need to do is choose your favorite pair of shorts, a simple neutral tank top and just sparkle on. Accessories have the power to transform your look. It is up to you if you would like to look more delicate or extravagant when choosing the right jewelry and details to compose your trendy summer outfit. Make sure to not over abuse it and you will be good to go!