ALL IN THE DETAILS: Some Pop For Your Step

Dressing for winter can get boring, especially when the temperatures are low and every look requires a big, puffy jacket. Do not despair; spicing up a winter look doesn’t have to be difficult. As this Fashionista has shown, adding a nontraditional accessory to a laid back look can be enough to liven up a safe ensemble while also adding a splash of color to your stride. The result is a playful classroom look that is perfect for even the glummest day.

The obvious stars of this outfit are the bright pink Converse sneakers. The Fashionista has combined a pair of black stovepipe pants and a baby blue cardigan with the staple of any casual look— a gray V-neck. She uses the sneakers to add some spunk to her very neutral, covered up look. I can’t help but think of the 1950s when I see pants cut just above the knee paired with Converse. Perfect. Her simple silver jewelry and bowler bag are pretty and practical, great for everyday.

When it comes to jewelry, anything goes. Take a cue from this Fashionista, and keep it simple, or wear a chunky bracelet and statement ring. No matter how adventurous your tastes are, be sure to add some “pop” to your step by making this laid back look your own.

How To: Not brave enough to try electric pink Converse? As this Fashionista has shown, the zaniness doesn’t necessarily come from the color of the shoe. It comes from unexpectedly pairing them with such a simple look. Finish your casual classroom ensemble with some leather Nike high-tops, or a pair of cowhide Supergas.