While statement necklaces are a great way to dress up any outfit, they probably won’t cut it in the wintertime. For those days when you are looking for a way to dress up your outfit without forfeiting warmth, scarves serve as a practical and comfortable way to accessorize.

Scarves are an easy way to add personality to any outfit. This Fashionista kept it simple and used her tan scarf to break up her monochromatic outfit. While her solid-colored scarf added some color to the rest of her outfit—which consisted of a black top, black cardigan and dark-colored jeans—there are tons of patterned scarves to make an impression. Her outfit is ideal for a casual date, a concert or even giving a presentation in class. The dressiness of your outfit will ultimately depend on the style scarf you choose but whether you go for something simple and chic or bold and patterned, you are sure to maintain the perfect balance of warmth and fashion.

An effortless way to transition this outfit from day to night is by incorporating a little heel with platform combat boots. This look could be worn to a nice dinner or a night out with your girlfriends and the heel is subtle enough where you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing them all night.

If you aren’t quite ready to take on the trend of patterned pants, start small and include a patterned scarf. It’s the perfect no risk route of going out of your fashion comfort zone.

How To: Feel like your outfit needs a little something to make it stand out? A quick way to embellish anything from a sundress to jeans and a sweater is with a scarf.