ALL IN THE DETAILS: Socks and Sole-mates

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Socks and Sole-mates

Hey there fellow Fashionistas/os! Let’s sock about it. Who knew just a peep of socks can elevate an outfit? You must be thinking that it’s not an everyday thought to look at people’s socks, and decide if it hits the mark. But take it from me, with one simple addition of a critical detail, your outfit can from zero to a 100. This is a transformation that goes from simple to chic in no time!

This Fashionista shows you can do a lot with staple items, because it’s all about accessorizing. Her outfit consists of a crop top, circle skirt, leggings, a handbag and riding boots. If it wasn’t for her lace knee-high socks, the boots could have been translated differently. With the addition of this feminine detail, her look is much more sophisticated. Similarly, her look stands with the Parisian style philosophy of being effortlessly chic. This approach to style defines the idea that there is a difference between looking like you just woke up and threw something on versus looking like you didn’t try, but look well put together.

Not only do these knee socks look super cute, but they keep your toes nice and warm during this cold weather. This winter, stay fashionable and functional.

How To: Try elevating a simple little black dress with knee-high socks. Don’t have tall boots? No problem! Try it with combat boots and scrunch your socks down to the boot height. Finally, to make your look more preppy by pairing those knee socks with oxfords.