ALL IN THE DETAILS: Socks And Skirts

Everyone loves a good pair of socks; in every warm and cozy color of the rainbow, how could you not? From the time that I was a little girl, I loved using my socks as an integral part of my outfits rather than a necessity that would be hidden inside a pair of shoes. Though my use of socks in an outfit may be slightly more understated than my childhood choice to sport a pair of princess crew socks with light-up sneakers, I do still enjoy having fun with them. Fun socks are one of the easiest (and warmest) ways to add an extra level of complexity to an outfit without over-accessorizing.

This Fashionista knows all about two of the most important things for colder weather—layering and accessorizing. She made her flowing skirt, with button details, practical for February by adding not only a pair of tights, but also a pair of knit boot socks. The thick gray fabric peeked just above the top of her riding boots, adding an extra color to the look and bringing out her beautiful silver accessories in the process.

Boot socks are great pieces because they have the potential to make any outfit look slightly more put together without requiring much effort. This makes looks like this Fashionista’s outfit perfect for days when you have to transition from class to the library, and even to an internship, in a short amount of time. If it is a fancier look that you’re going for you, can even get these fun accessories with things like lace trim.

How To: Get a basic pair of boot socks in a neutral color and try incorporating them into an outfit. It’s impossible to go wrong with a sweater, statement necklace, a pair of jeans, a great pair of boot socks and your favorite leather riding boots. Try it out on your next day of classes.