With winter’s arrival, it’s no surprise that you immediately want to dress in anything that is warm and cozy. You may be surprised to hear that although it’s cold, you don’t exactly have to cover every inch of your body at all times. On warmer wintry days when the sun is shining bright, there are many ways to warm up an outfit when you feel like dressing to impress! One of those ways is by sporting one of my favorite comeback trends: knee-high socks.

I immediately noticed this Fashionista on campus with her being the only one who dared to show a little skin with snow on the ground. On a brisk winter day, you probably don’t wake up and think to put on a sundress in the morning. But this Fashionista transformed her summer trend into winter wear by adding a thick cardigan, tan tights, boots and, of course, the lovely knee-high socks. She also topped off her look with a gold layered necklace along with a rose-gold watch. Talk about accessorizing! As for the socks, these comfortable yet fashionable knee huggers are a perfect way to stay warm and make an outfit ten times more interesting. I also adore how this Fashionista’s legwear has some ruching at the top to make them even more stylish. To me, the best thing about knee-highs is that they come in many different patterns and textures to fit multiple styles and personalities. Here is a versatile pair you can purchase to wear with numerous outfits!

How To: Get this look by pairing some knee socks with one of your favorite sundresses along with a knit cardigan to keep you warm. Don’t forget to add some tights, accessories, and boots to complete your outfit. You can also try switching up the look with a skirt rather than a dress, or wearing flats instead of boots!