Step aside beanies, because these knit turbans are all the rage. February can seem like the longest month, ironically though because we all know it’s the shortest. It falls in the dead of winter and with the unbearable cold here in New England, fashion choices can become trying. Your outfit becomes centered on your jacket and winter accessories. I think many of us become too focused on the coat, where when dressing for the cold, it really is all in the details. This knit headband is the perfect example. It creates a very bohemian-caught-out-in-the-snow type look.

This Fashionista was spotted staying warm and stylish in the cold by pulling off the knit headband look this week. Her headband is this gray cable knit one with a brown button in the front where the knot or twist should be. She pairs it with a dark purple peacoat and a colorful printed scarf. Then she wears simple black leggings underneath and throws some duck boots on her feet. As you can see, it is the headband that really pulls together this look and gives it the extra sparkle.

In the midst of all the hipsters in beanies, stand out from the crowd with a super cute, gypsy-worthy turban headband. These trendy fashion accessories can also be a February DIY project to help pass by the time in the shortest, but longest month of February. So pick up knitting for beginners book and challenge yourself by tackling your own one of a kind knit headband!

How To: Experiment with a daring cape instead of pairing your headband with a classic and clean-cut peacoat. Adding the cape tips the look over the edge into a very romantic winter aesthetic.