It’s snowing today. Don’t run to your closet and grab the sweatpants that are calling your name. I have something a little more stylish in mind—skirts! Crazy? Not at all. While skirts are a perfect staple of spring and summer, who says you can’t transition them into your winter wardrobe?

If you’re not sure how on earth you can pull off a skirt in all the cold, look to this Fashionista for some inspiration. It’s all about the layering here. She styled a short faux leather skirt (with some beautiful details, I might add!) with a thick pair of black tights and contrasting thigh-high socks. The deep burgundy shade is a nice pop of color against this otherwise monochromatic outfit. This Fashionista also deserves some serious bonus points for rocking that crop top mid-January. If you want a slightly warmer option, just opt for a long sleeve shirt or sweater. Her cardigan makes for a great extra layer and pairs perfectly with the cream colored details in the skirt. All in all, it’s a perfect winter look and no sweatpants are in sight!

How To: Haul those skirts out from the back of your closet! For some cozy styling options, just add tights, tall socks or both. Lovely little skirts look great with knee-high or combat boots. If you’re maintaining a monochromatic color scheme like this Fashionista, look for unique design elements that add interest, like leather or lace. If you want something a bit more glam, look for something with a bit more sparkle! Darker jewel tones are great seasonal color choices as well. My favorite part of this look is that you can stretch your favorite pieces out to be worn year-round. Show the world your fabulous sense of style and consider a skirt for the winter!