We often accessorize to enhance an outfit, but many times, the accessory takes the spotlight. The perfect accessory can become the focal point, attracting our attention equally or even more than the garments themselves. Shoes are one of those pieces that are essential to the success of an outfit, and this Fashionisto makes sure that we know it.

The black high-top sneakers have subtle pops of red and gray throughout, with a netted print on the sides. A great print enhances a shoe, giving us more than our basic colors and transforming them into a pattern that speaks to the rest of the outfit. Athletic socks that end a bit higher than the ankle peek out from the top of the shoe. The length of the socks embellishes the athletic look.

These high-top sneakers are worn to complement a patterned, short sleeve button-down shirt and black shorts. If these garments were worn with a different shoe, the vibe would have been completely different. Shoes can take your outfit into a completely different direction, and these sneakers dress down the look in a cool way. This Fashionisto also accessorized with a wallet that peeks out from his belt loops. A sleek silver watch is worn on one arm, and a sporty bracelet is worn on the other. Another pop of red comes from his matching headphones resting on his neck.

How To: Find a pair of sneakers with a print that speaks to you! Use it to enhance your garments and give a classic outfit a sporty edge.