Summer can be the busiest season for college students. There are already so many things to do and people to see, and with summer classes, internships and jobs added to the list, schedules can quickly become overloaded. Having so much to do means less time to focus on getting ready for the day. However, it is always important to take the time to choose an outfit that will look great and still work for everything that you have planned.

Adding sneakers to a look is not something everyone would think to do, unless of course they are on their way to the gym, but this comfortable addition can make any look a little more retro and a lot more convenient. Everyone has seen the pictures of business women from the ’80s strutting to work in business suits and sneakers, with high heels in hand. The look has again reemerged. Fashionistas looking to make their otherwise dressy look more casual or add a sporty touch to a feminine ensemble are throwing on their favorite pair of sneakers. Such a simple decision shows the wearer has great style and is ready for the busy day ahead.

This Fashionista used her sneakers to complement a striped crop top and skirt set. Her other accessories add to the structured sport look—a baseball cap and a black satchel. Overall, this outfit shows she can handle whatever comes her way, all while looking great.

How To: Want to wow like this Fashionista? Add sneakers to an otherwise feminine look like a nice dress or lacy skirt, and go from there. The more unexpected the accessories the better! Summer is the perfect excuse to try something new.