Figuring out what to wear to your first day at your internship or new job can be scary. Should you wear a necklace? High heels? Sometimes the best outfits are simple with a fun twist to make you stand out on your first day. Whether it be winter or spring, jeans and a blouse are always good options since there are so many possibilities for layering and mixing and matching accessories. I know for me when I am stumped on what to wear I always start with my shoes. The right shoes can make or break an outfit and make your whole day better, and when it comes to booties specifically, a girl can never have to many to choose from!

This Fashionista is rocking an awesome pair of snakeskin booties straight from Urban Outfitters and is pairing them with a cool pair of high-wasted button up blue jeans and a pink and lime blouse. Who says a snakeskin print can’t be a neutral because this girl is rocking it like no other. There is something super cool and flirty about the mixing of the two-toned blouse and the printed booties even though those are two things most of us would not think to pair together.

The entire look feels very effortless and fun without being too serious which is what makes it perfect for a first day look. The really transformative part of the look is snakeskin booties because they are the true star of the look. Rather than layering on the accessories and bling to make a statement, the print of the shoe says “Here I am world, notice me,” without being too in your face like a chunky statement necklace.