ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sleek, Stylish and Neutral

Neutral colors are my favorite. I find it so easy to grab a black shirt for example, and style it to make it pop. A black shirt and white pants can make a perfect, simple outfit or even be the canvas for a great outfit. The trend that I have seen in the fashion world is neutral colors paired with loud colors. Pairing a neutral color with a bright color, like red, can avoid a huge contrast clash. But also just using neutral colors themselves can create a killer outfit.  I spotted this Fashionisto heading to work who was wearing a lot of dark neutral colors. His outfit really caught my eye and gave me some inspiration. His dark gray denim shirt creates a streamlined look, which is flattering for any body type. His black distressed skinny jeans give an edgy/punk vibe. His skater sneakers give it a more casual look, and complete the dark vibe of the outfit. I have a fascination with the style of leather, biker jackets, and his is no exception. It completes the outfit and is the icing on the cake!

This outfit is great for going out with friends to the bar or even on a date! It isn’t too casual or too dressy. It’s perfect a mix of both!

To complete the outfit: Throw on a nice wide brim or fedora hat, and it’s the perfect outfit for a night out or just to impress!

How To: Want to get this look? What you’ll need is a dark denim shirt, or even a dark button-down shirt, dark jeans, dark sneakers or canvas shoes (no trainers), a leather jacket or a trench coat and a hat to complete a killer dark neutral outfit.