After a week into my first summer in New York, I finally understand what all the natives rave about: summertime in the concrete jungle is a force to be reckoned with. Waking up to hot mornings, followed by humid commutes that leave you beyond perspiring once you’ve arrived to your destination. You pat yourself on the back for listening to your roommate’s advice in telling you to travel with your work clothes and change there. When the sun does decide to finally seize its scorch, a cool chill falls over the city. Hot and cold weather like this makes it hard to want to stand out. However standing out was not a problem for this Fashionista.

The silver enamel on her platform shoes striding down East 72nd street initially drew me in. These shiny pair are refreshing to see in both cool and humid weather; platform laced shoes are becoming more and more popular, but it can be a hit or miss if not placed with the right outfit. As you can see, she didn’t miss a beat.

She built her outfit with neutral and blue-based hues for the tops and bottoms; the single colored print and pattern add flavor to her ensemble. With one print on her tank top and another pattern on her light blue jacket, the concentration stays centered on her shoes. For mobility and breeze she fashions boyfriend style denim jeans, which are cuffed and rolled at the bottom. She also accessorizes with a fierce blue Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bag, bringing out the faded blue in her jacket. While on her head, sits a pair of all-black sunglasses, in front of a loose-styled bun.

How To: To achieve a similar look, lean towards metallic colored shoes, heels or sneakers, dressed with solid dark or faded colors. Don’t be afraid to put together different patterns as this will liven up your outfit, especially cross-colored patterns.