ALL IN THE DETAILS: Skorts are the Answer

You’re out. You’ve got on one of your favorite mini skirts because you thought, “Maybe I’ll dress up today and add some feminine flare to my outfit, what a good idea!” Wrong. While mini skirts are great, they certainly come with some challenges. You can’t bend over and you also can’t get your mother’s voice out of your head reminding you to, “Keep your legs crossed!”

Could there possibly be any solution to this problem? There is! Ditch the mini for a much more practical skort.

Don’t jump to the wrong conclusions. Skorts are not just for overly zealous tennis players. When I first hear the word “skort” I immediately have flashbacks to my plaid uniform skort from my catholic middle school days; not exactly one of my most fashionable moments. However, this season skorts are a very hot and stylish trend. Also referred to as wrap-front shorts, this piece of clothing can add an interesting edge to your ensemble.

Meet this week’s Fashionista. She is sporting a runway look that has us all wondering what is she all dressed up for and how we can get the look. I caught this Fashionista returning home from a lunch date with her boyfriend and his parents. This outfit is perfect for this occasion because she appears sophisticated and sexy at the same time.

The asymmetric black skort elongates the legs while still being an appropriate length. Additionally, it has the shorts underneath; therefore you avoid any embarrassing moments, making it perfect for a date night or an internship.

This Fashionista pairs her black skort with a loose-fitting white blouse and a gorgeous turquoise statement necklace. This statement necklace adds the perfect pop of color. Also, the gold beads in the necklace complement and pair well with her KORS Michael Kors watch.

Another show stopping trend in this ensemble are the fabulous gladiator shoes. There are a wide variety of gladiator shoes on the market in various colors and heights. The shoes our Fashionista chose are perfect because they don’t come up too high or clash with the rest of the outfit and they add an intriguing detail that catches the eye.

How to: Skorts are an extremely versatile piece of clothing that are great for any time use. If you’re worried about too much exposure that can sometimes happen with short skirts, skorts are the answer! Don’t be afraid to try something a little different and be a trendsetter!