New York has been blessed with wonderful weather this winter. It hardly feels like winter with the sun and warm temperatures we have been receiving lately. We love not having snow and therefore not needing our winter coats and boots. This leaves us with the ability to hold onto our fall wardrobe even longer and intermix it with some of our lighter winter pieces. It’s truly a Fashionista’s dream to be able to show our cute winter outfits that don’t have to be hidden under layers of coats, hats and mittens. It also makes it easier for us Style Gurus around campus to spot our on-trend classmates!

This Fashionista is on-trend with her mid-thigh front button-up skirt. They have been all the rage lately. Look at how cool the stitching is as it zig-zags up next to the buttons. What a great detail! Denim is such a great piece to have in your wardrobe. It is seasonless, and it makes for a great option to wear in the winter as well. Just follow this Fashionista and pair black tights under your skirt.

This Fashionista also adds a winter white turtle neck shirt. This will keep her warm all day long especially when the sun goes down and so does the temperature. She also adds cute black oxford shoes. They are great for long days because they have no heel and are so similar to flats, but add the academic flair to this outfit. She definitely has the chic academic look down. She adds minimal accessories with a cute locket and goes for a statement of color with her bright red earrings. Those earrings glittered in the daylight, and are a great accessory to catch people’s eyes. This outfit would be a great class and library look. Just because you are busy studying and writing papers gives you no excuse not to look fashionable.

How To: Not sure about wearing an itchy turtle neck? You can substitute your top with any color and style from sweater to a long sleeved shirt. You can even change the skirts color and length to make it fit with something already in your closet…or on your wish list. If you don’t like flats, you can add a cute bootie or boot. You can even make this look more dramatic with a lot of jewelry or a statement coat.