Perhaps you want to shake things up this season? If so, why not take a plunge with an eye-catching skater skirt? The universally flattering skater skirt suits any season, any skin tone, any personality and any style with its array of colors, patterns, lengths and textures. This crowd pleaser is easy to be an outfit staple and easy to throw on any day. Plus, it is so much fun to twirl in with its flared bottom and fitted waist. Although pink is not a winter friendly color it carries a springy feel and should be making an appearance south of the waistline for both seasons. Follow this Fashionista’s lead into a world of color and cute skirts.

However, not only did this Fashionista rock the skater skirt in the winter, she sported other minor details that make this outfit extra chic. From her matching necklace to her painted fingernails all the way to her patterned tights and ankle booties she gets major points for details. Her simple but elegant pink beaded necklace contrasted well with her long sleeve black shirt. And the textured tights make a statement of their own. Whether inspired by Beyoncé or Taylor Swift, the lace-up ankle boots are the pristine choice for the transition between winter and spring.

How To: To imitate this look, find the perfect skater skirt for you (no matter the pattern, length or texture). Your wardrobe will thank you. Then pair it with a classic T-shirt, a leather jacket or even a sweater if it’s chilly. And if you want, accessorize with matching colors. This look is for you!