ALL IN THE DETAILS: Singing In The Rain

Mother Nature seriously never knows how to make up her mind! It’s beautiful, airy spring weather one day, and the next day, it’s scorching hot heat. Now, there are thunderous storms. With the heavy storms rolling in, you want to make sure you dress for the weather, but you still want to make sure you look stylish and happy even in the gloomy weather. Putting those special touches into your look during these rainy days will brighten up your mood.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for the rainy days! Rain boots are a go-to item for these wet days. They’re comfy and practical. When you go out to run your errands, you don’t want wet and cold feet, so what better way to prevent ruining your outfit than wearing rain boots. Rain boots are a staple piece in any outfit because they’re so unique and come in many colors and styles.

What I also love about this Fashionista’s outfit is that she paired her navy blue and red rain boots with an acid-washed denim shirt and a red flannel shirt to give her outfit a certain edge. And, of course, she tops it all of with an umbrella.

How To: When choosing rain boots, you need to make sure they are the correct size. Make sure they are stable enough to get you through those bad weather days. You might have to spend a little more money to get quality rain boots, but it’s worth it! And make sure you get a color or print that you can wear over and over again.