ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sinfully Simple

January 13th, 2016 at 2:10am

Although the temperatures have been sporadic, winter is technically here. This season brings my personal favorite colors with it: neutrals. For those that are used to wearing various colors in other seasons, it may be hard to make the adjustment. Personally, I tend to wear neutrals year-round, so I have learned the ins and outs of rocking them.

Here at the University of Minnesota, it can be hard to find these hues within the sea of maroon and gold. I did manage, however, to find a fellow student who knew how to make his neutral pieces work to his advantage. This Fashionisto is only wearing the color black and a dark wash jean, yet he has a completely fashion-forward outfit. The key to wearing subtle colors is to focus on the details. Forget what you know about hoodies, they no longer have to be boring with the only benefit being warmth. This hoodie goes far beyond its typical duties and has enough details to be the focal point of this outfit.

In case you don’t recognize all of the details in this article of clothing, allow me to explain. First off, the neckline is a cowl neck rather than a standard hood. This adds interest around the neck without being too obnoxious. Next, the stitching at the elbows adds a new way to draw attention to sleeves. Instead of having elbow pads, this repeated horizontal stitching livens up the sleeves while adding linear interest. Linear subtleties are very apparent throughout this top. Another example of this is the zippers down the sides. When the zippers are pulled up, they allow the hem of the sweatshirt to flare out more. The last detail worth mentioning is the ribbing fabric at the shoulder. This addition creates a layered illusion. This piece is easy to wear and it’s a no brainer. All you have to do is throw it on and you’re good to go. No extra matching or layering necessary.

How To: The key to choosing and wearing a detailed piece of clothing is to keep the rest of the outfit simple. With his outfit being mainly black, it allows the details to pop without being in your face. This strategy can work for any neutral colors. If you want to have an easy, relaxed, fashionable look, try finding basic staple pieces that have an extra oomph of flavor. An example of this would be a pull over with a unique silhouette. One could also shop for a piece that mixes fabrics of the same color. This trick will add texture and visual interest without using bright colors or patterns. No matter what detailed garments you find, remember to pair them with simple pieces for the rest of the outfit.