ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simply Stylish

We all have those days when we’re rushing to get ready for a girl’s night out after a long day at work. Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect outfit, take a shower and get your hair and makeup done before running out the door. Having an outfit that can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion, is the perfect go-to outfit for those hectic summer nights.

This Fashionista’s ensemble is the perfect mix between the daytime casual and nighttime party girl look. While she could dress her outfit up by wearing heels instead of flats, she could also dress it down by removing her necklace and tying her hair back. Adding the last small detail to any outfit can help make it the perfect one for just about any occasion. This Fashionista does just that by adding a bulky necklace to complete her bohemian style look.

Her tight black tube top shirt tucked into her flowy printed pants help to accentuate her feminine figure while still being conservative. Matching solids with patterns is always a good idea, especially when every article of clothing is beige, brown, black or white. While neutral colors may not always be easy to work with, they are a safe bet for whatever it is the day (or night) brings.

How To: While bulky necklaces and bold patterns may not always be easy to pull off, they definitely make a statement wherever you go. Pairing them with simple articles from your wardrobe and neutral colors help any outfit become the perfect balance between both simple and trendy, and day and night.