ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple White Kicks

Sneakers have taken over college fashion in recent months. Initially, we get to high school or college and want to be as far away from the sneaker trend as possible. We buy flats, loafers, slip-ons, heels, boots and booties, ANYTHING but a pair of sneakers. Once you hit the college “darty” (day-party) scene, these shoes become a little less practical. And so, the Converse comeback begins. In the blink of an eye, the chicest girls around were incorporating clean white sneakers into their wardrobe.

Check out this Fashionista. I caught her heading out for a day around campus. She perfectly shows off this recent trend. Her look is exactly what I look for when I scope out campus. The black boyfriend jeans are just loose enough to be cuffed. Her sweater hangs freely at a very flattering angle on her body. A simple army style jacket and fringe bag bring the outfit together. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I saw her Converse sneakers.

I love the casual look this outfit brings to campus. It’s edgy, a little grunge and still playful. Her feet won’t be bothering her all day. She could have very easily thrown on some black leather boots and blended in with every girl on campus, but she decided to take a risk instead. This proves It doesn’t have to be spring or Cinco de Mayo for white sneakers to be worn. Taking a little care of where you walk can help you incorporate this wardrobe staple into any look and season.

How To: Grab your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, a cool army jacket and your favorite pair of crisp white kicks, and you’re ready for a day out and about!