ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple Somethings to Outshine the Snow

January 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

If you’ve stepped outside your front door anytime recently, you’ve either been bundled up to your eyes, or you’ve grown a beard any Viking would be proud of and can handle keeping at least some parts of your body uncovered. With wind chill forcing those of us along the Blue Ridge to assimilate into an Eskimo-like wardrobe, we Fashionistas/os are left with the great question: how on earth can you make a floor-length down coat more than just a way to avoid frostbite and, dare we say it, maybe even a little fun?

This Fashionista arrived just in time for the answer to my age-old question. If you thought you rang in the New Year right, you might have been a knuckle ring or three short, according to this building trend. Even if you’re desperately fighting a daily battle against hypothermia in windbreakers and ski jackets, don’t let your style get buried under the snow! This winter is all about layering jewelry with simple chains and stackable rings just like these.

Covering up with gloves and mittens before you hit the slopes to shred the fresh powder? Luckily for you, the trend for layered metals doesn’t end with a gold finger. This winter may just have us layered up to our ears, but all of our favorite Fashionistas have discovered some glittery ear candy we’ll be wearing all winter long! Warm up your outfit with a collection of your favorite gold ear cuffs. Even if you’re not down for something dangly, any simple ear cuff will give your winter outfit the heat to help you survive the chill.

If you’ve already developed an impressive jewelry collection, try pairing a series of knuckle rings and simple bands with a solid metal statement ring. The key to any trend is you and your personality! Think a bull might be your spirit animal? This might be your ring. Or maybe you’ve been on a retro binge with “Walk Like an Egyptian” stuck in your head, channeling Nefertiti. There’s a ring for that too.

How To: This look is all about the dynamics. Create a solid base with a few simple rings and stud earrings. Then bring in a bold geometric or chain ear cuff. Layering a couple simple bands is lovely, but the “wow” factor requires at least two knuckle dusters to keep your regular rings company. Bottom line: avoid stones unless you’re a pro. This trend is so metal it has whiplash from headbanging.