ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple is Sweet

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple is Sweet

“Little things make big things happen.” Those were the words that came to mind when I stumbled upon this major Fashionista. As summer comes to an end and the dreaded in-between seasons turmoil begins, we struggle to find the perfect looks to express ourselves veraciously. However, this babe was able to do just that.

Her simplistic yet fierce details in the outfit not only say something about her style, but also show off her bold personality. Who said rips have to be on your knees? Who says your jeans have to be skinny? This Fashionista perfectly exemplifies that fashion has no rules and paired these must-have DIY rolled mom-jeans with black lace up booties to add to the avant-garde look. Like all great Fashionistas, she never leaves the house without accessories, especially not her favorite go-to choker. Its simplicity makes it the perfect add on for any outfit, creating an alluring ’90s edgy look.

“You can never go wrong with a belt…ever,” my Fashionista says. “It’s so simple, yet adds that certain pop to your style.” A belt can turn a look instantly classic, making it the perfect minimal accessory for all occasions (from going out to kicking back with some friends for a chill night in).

Since I found this beauty in sunny California, it’s no surprise she has her timeless Ray-Ban aviators on. Not only are they totally necessary for the non-stop L.A. sun, they add a rad factor to all outfits. This girl has thought of it all and the seasons just beginning.

So just remember the next time you’re having a pre-season fashion crisis: simple is sweet.