All IN THE DETAILS: Simple Is Better Sometimes

February 16th, 2017 at 2:00am
All IN THE DETAILS: Simple Is Better Sometimes

Gearing up and bracing for the cold weather doesn’t mean putting away all the cute clothes in your closet. Having basic sweaters and a pair of jeans and make your outfit go from flat to fab in no time. Even throwing on a jacket or vest over the top of the sweater for a bit more warmth still makes it a fashionable outfit.

When wearing a simple outfit, the urge to load up on all the accessories is high. There’s no need to add a chunky necklace when you can add a basic silver bar necklace that sends out the same message. Also, small sliver rings can basically go with any outfit. Incorporating them with any outfit can help spice it up a tad. With this outfit in particular, a burgundy sweater paired with simple washed out jeans say comfy, and fabulous all in one. I was drawn to this Fashionista for this month by her ability to keep it simple, but also add small details to the outfit to bring it all together in a modest way. By being able to throw on short-wedged booties, make it easy to still walk to class, but also make it easy to look good while walking on campus from class to class.

A good thing about outfits like this is it’s easy to make it go from day to night. Add a leather jacket, smoky eye, and small bag while rocking the same shoes—you’ll have a night look ready to take on the town.