ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple and Elegant

June 8th, 2015 at 2:10am

I have several photographer friends who are, even as I am writing this article, traveling all around the world to visit great fashion events. One of them is actually passionate—crazy—enough to change residences around the globe in accordance with the Fashion Week schedules of London, Sydney and Seoul this year. He boasts quite a bit about how he gets to see all the designers, models etc.

While his experience is almost guaranteed to be great, I tell him that even my beginning weeks as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru provide perspectives on top of surprises. The Fashionista above certainly reinforces the process.

At a glance, the Fashionista’s outfit doesn’t seem to stray that far off the norm. With some thought, I realized that her clothes didn’t seem to desperately call for attention because of the way she carefully coordinated and seamlessly blended every piece she was wearing.

The dominant color we see is blue. It occupies the majority of both her upper and lower halves. She accentuates the top by darkening the blue background that has the season-favorite floral pattern. This Fashionista demonstrated a very smart move by keeping her jeans noticeably lighter than her top so her steps appear light.

The second color of her outfit may be of less prominence but is of more importance. This Fashionista possesses very light hair and a light complexion. Her shoes and bag from Steve Madden completely match her natural colors. As obvious as that seems, this level of immersion between accessories and personal attributes is rarely seen. The darker brown outer lining of the bag acts as a placeholder of one’s sight.

Often, a person who supposedly “knows” fashion will tell you to not wear more than three colors. But for me, the magic number has always been two. Keep your colors simple for a more elegant look this summer!

How To: Know what color suits you the best and its complementary hues. Then, restrain yourself from applying additional, perhaps unnecessary, touches to what may already be a presentable, elegant outfit!