Spring is almost here but there’s still snow on the ground, causing all of us to wonder when it will be time to pull back some layers. It seems like it’s a sight we’ll still be waiting to see, and to pass the time we are still trying to figure out what clothes to wear to keep warm and stay stylish.

If there is one trend I’m weary to try, it’s the faux fur coat. I’m scared I’ll come off looking like a werewolf or something along the lines of a woodland creature. However after seeing how this Fashionista rocked it, it inspired me to take a walk on the wild side. The texture of the fur coat gave the right flare her outfit needed. To match her coat, she paired a gray knit sweater to add layering for extra warmth. She wore a simple gray Neff beanie, to keep her ears warm from the wind. To contrast with the gray, she decided on black leggings and black Timberland boots for comfort and to dress down the look for her day of class. To amplify this chic look, this Fashionista added some little details here and there. Her black leather gloves with silver studs were the epitome of the “cool girl” persona, while her jeweled necklace left her outfit with a posh vibe.

When first coming in contact with this Fashionista, the initial item I noticed the most was her awesome fur coat. But once I started looking at her style as a whole, I realized the most important detail was the way she executed her outfit’s color palette. Wearing one color or two similar colors at most can be daunting to some people, but this Fashionista really makes it work! As long as the color story complements and does not compete, the entire look won’t blend dramatically.

There are only a few more weeks of winter left, so make the most of it by layering like colors that help you stand out, but not make you look swallowed up.

How To: Prefer to wear a pop of color to help you stand out? Swap the gray sweater for a lighter color that goes nicely with both color palettes and will turn heads.