ALL IN THE DETAILS: Silver and...Silver?

January 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

When I left Lynchburg for Christmas break, I naively thought that I was leaving the rain behind me. That was not the case, in fact, it has rained more here in Delaware than Lynchburg recently. However the cold rain did not stop this stylish Fashionista from looking cute today. Winter is finally upon us, so it’s time to break out those cute jackets that have been hiding in the closet for so long.

This stylish friend of mine understands just how to dress for the cold mornings that turn into milder afternoons. As the days start off chilly, they slowly progress into slightly warmer days, making getting dressed in the morning a bit difficult. This Fashionista, however, has mastered exactly how to dress for these days. She layered a black leather jacket on top of a simple gray sweater so that later on in the day, if need be, she could take the jacket off. She kept it simple with dark wash skinny jean and black leather booties that won’t let the rain in.

When it came to accessories, she had just the right amount! She made sure that she kept it consistent with the hardware on her jacket by keeping all of her accessories silver. A scarf is the perfect way to add a little bit of warmth and fashion to any outfit. She had two Alex and Ani bracelets, her silver hoop earrings and a silver ring. She said in these changing seasons she wears her ankle boots with almost any outfit because they can easily transition from season to season. She said, “This outfit works particularly well on rainy days where it could warm up later on in the day.”

Unfortunately, I think that the winter weather may be here to stay now; hopefully I’ll be getting some snow sooner than later! I’m the type of person that only likes cold weather if it’s snowing so I would love for that to come soon. Stay tuned for more winter posts coming your way; here’s to 2016!

How To: Leather jackets are such a staple for me in the colder weather, I purchased one about three years ago and I still wear it. I highly recommend purchasing a pair of ankle boots as we enter this season as well. Trust me, you will get your money’s worth out of them! I have a tan colored pair of ankle boots and black ones also; I pair them with every outfit possible. Accessories like Alex and Ani bracelets can be mixed with all types of outfits. They all have such cute meanings; I love mine and wear them with every outfit.