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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Silver and #Goals

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Silver and #Goals

Just as every year brings along new resolution goals, every year brings new style trends. Whether these trends are coming back from past decades such as high-waisted jeans or making their debut like thigh-high boots, the introduction of something fresh and enticing is inevitable. The world of fashion is fast and trends especially can be born just as fast as they can die out. You can envy it and you can keep up with it, but why not be one step ahead of it? Beat the fashion bandwagoners before they even realize there’s a new trend they want to get on. That being said, I have a New Year’s goal and new trend for you: mix up your metals!

This Fashionista fearlessly paired her silver and gold bracelets together. I know what you’re thinking, you have been told that silver and gold don’t go together. It’s a rule of fashion that seems to be set in stone, but as the great Alexander McQueen once said, “It’s a new era in fashion– there are no rules.”

Mixing your metals adds an eye-catching element to any outfit. Silver is simple, gold is sexy, and together they can complement any color. For example, this Fashionista’s olive bomber jacket has a gold zipper while the fringe purse has silver. Overall, this look was giving me major urban vibes with the subtle ripped jeans and black sneakers. And is an outfit ever complete without some neck candy? This Fashionista chose a layered gold necklace that gives her street style look a day to night flexibility.

Mix your metals this year to make any outfit stand-out, sexy, silver, and #goals.