Over time, jeans have not been considered to be a fun statement piece. They are either black or blue with maybe a few colored patches here and there. Jeans have been put into the category of basics, but this Fashionista found a way to help denim step into the limelight.

The relaxed “X” shaped braid up both sides of her black denim jeans is subtle enough to keep the basic feel we all love in a good pair of jeans. The braid is not too loud so it doesn’t draw all attention away from the other pieces of her outfit. If you are nervous to step into a pair with a full pattern, trying a pair like these will be perfect for you. The simple addition of fabric on both legs makes them wearable for many different occasions. They could easily be worn to class, a day at the mall or a night out with friends.

Besides her dark denim, this Fashionista wore her grandmother’s coat along with a simple black T-shirt underneath. The posh fur collar balanced out the edginess that was created by the ‘X’ stripe down both sides of her pants.

I always find it difficult when pairing statement bottoms with shoes that match without going overboard. Pairing her pants with simple black shoes did this perfectly. These short boots did not draw attention away from her pants or fur coat but still stayed with the edgy trend of her pants.

How To: Keeping with the edgy pant, pick up some jeans with a leather stripe down the side. Depending on the occasion, you can style them with a basic black T-shirt or a nice black turtleneck sweater. Finish off your look with some simple boots and a fur coat, and you’re set!