ALL IN THE DETAILS: Show Some (Snake) Skin

As students of Syracuse University, February usually means a full two more months of trudging around campus in fur lined snow boots and extra long parkas. February in Italy, however, takes on a totally different meaning. My fellow abroad students and I have fallen in love with the mild Florence climate, especially because it means that we can wear our cutest shoes without freezing our toes off!

This Fashionista takes cute shoes to a whole other level with these stunning pair of snakeskin booties. Patterned shoes are a great way to wear animal print in a slightly more subtle way than, say, a leopard print fuzzy jacket. Since the boots are neutral in color, they can also be paired with multiple outfits making them more of a practical purchase and wardrobe staple. She has also taken advantage of the warmer winter weather by showing off rings, bracelets and sunglasses. Small accessories like these can make such a difference in an outfit, especially if the outfit as a whole is relatively simple. This Fashionista took a simple outfit and color palette and amped up the style factor by adding these well placed accessories.

Italy is also the perfect environment for a cute hat. Personally, it is my favorite way to hide a bad hair day and not to mention it makes you look 10 times more fashionable in the process. This Fashionista chose a black hat, which adds a final touch to the outfit without competing with her other accessories.

How To: Choose one or two accessories that will make your outfit stand out, and keep the rest relatively simple in color and pattern. When looking for a pair of animal print shoes, try to find ones that are classic in style and won’t overwhelm every outfit.