ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shoes Speak Louder Than Words

March 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

A great pair of shoes can always make an outfit go from cute to fabulous. I love any outfits that have a little blast from the past and what better way to do that than a platform heel. This Fashionista is wearing a simple black and white striped dress paired with a denim vest, but the pivotal component in the outfit is the shoes. The black and white platform sandals complement the colors of the dress and stand out with their style and height. Having a simple outfit is a great chance to show off your bold shoes.

This outfit is an easy look to imitate. First, you need a simple dress. Pick your length, this Fashionista went with a longer midi style with a slit in the side. You can do a mid dress, tea length, mini or maxi, just whatever you do keep the dress simple. I would advise a plain color or thin stripes, nothing crazy. We live in Arizona so there is no need for a jacket, as the warm weather has already started here so she paired the dress with a denim vest. If you live somewhere colder, you can wear a jean jacket instead of a vest and it would be the same look. You can find a jean vest or jacket at pretty much any local thrift store, or Forever 21 for a reasonable price.

How To: Once you have your outfit, the fun part is picking your shoes. These platform heels are black and white but you can choose whatever color you like best. Maybe a cheetah bootie, black platform boot or whatever bold shoe fits you best.