As we make our way into June, things are starting to really warm up, which means less fabric, shorter hemlines and hair up. This also means that accessorizing becomes more reliant on handbags and jewelry, or as this Fashionista chose, a top with a little sparkle and shine of its own. Keeping things simple in the summer is what it’s all about, which is why I loved her look.

This Fashionista knew how to spend a hot afternoon out shopping in comfort and style. She paired her rad tank with some simple shorts and shoes that tied into the outfit perfectly! Veering away from accessorizing with a handbag or jewelry, the simplicity of the outfit relies on the applique and details on the shirt and shoes—and rightfully so! Between the stitching and the hardware sewn on to the delicate fabric, it nearly takes the place of jewelry. The contrast of the fabric and style of the applique is what struck me as unique, and the otherwise simplicity of the outfit is perfect in the summer heat!

For those of us who like to keep the balance of as simple as possible and cute in our everyday wardrobe, this Fashionista shows us how it’s done. Having a few tops or even bottoms with a little sparkle and shine in your arsenal pays off in the end, especially on busy and warm summer days. I also love the choice of shoe she chose; sandals that are both comfortable and cute are vital to summer wardrobe. With all the working and running around a girl will do in a day, comfort without sacrificing style is key.

How To: Be on the lookout for apparel that has unique and bold details on it. When you’re looking for something to thrown on in the morning, these will be a lifesaver. Pair these with simpler counterparts in your outfit, so that the details take the stage. Shoes can make or break an outfit, so make sure you chose some that balance with the outfit; sometimes less is more. If you want to add some instant glamor to your outfit without adding much more detail, try a wide-brim hat, or bangles and a watch!