ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shine Like The Sun

When going to the beach we all make sure to have the essentials which include: sunscreen, sunglasses, water, a towel and some fun. This way when getting ready, it’ll be a lot easier to put together a casual and comfortable look. However, we do seem to forget that adding a pop of color to our accessories can make our outfit really shine, and can be pretty easy to do.

By layering with necklaces that have both vibrancy and make a statement, it can take your beach day look into one perfect new look to the boardwalk at night. This Fashionista was able to keep her outfit laid back by pairing khaki shorts and a black v-neck with flip flops that make a trip to the beach a breeze. Due to the colors of the rest of the Fashionista’s look being more subdued, the layering of the necklaces really transform the look. Continuing with the theme of layers, wearing a few bracelets can make the outfit feel cohesive as it brings the whole look together. The additions of the accessories, including this bracelet, achieve a personalized feel that can show off your personality. By wearing these unique jewelry pieces it’s a great way to elevate what you are wearing to the shore while showing off your tan!

How To: Knowing which necklaces and how many to layer can be tricky, but it can be way simpler then it seems! Try to stick to two bright colors, and then add on a longer necklace than the others for different layered lengths.