Walking down College Ave at my school during the winter is a pretty drab scene. Bare trees, dead grass, muddy snow, and exhausted students surround you. I happened to stumble upon this beautiful Fashionista on an unusually warm day in February. Her effortless sense of style caught my eye from across the street and I immediately gravitated towards her. When I approached her and asked her to tell me about her outfit, she lit up and was more than happy to share her style secrets.

This Fashionista was rocking a pair of gray and black chunky suede booties with a gold zipper on the side. The fat heel and rubber soles gave her good traction on the ground and were easy to walk in. She complimented the chunky shoe with a tighter pant that stopped at the ankle. Her light wash low-rise jeans fit like a glove. The bottom of the pant was frayed near the ankle and also ripped at each knee to give a distressed look, which she said she loves because they give an outfit character and texture.

The gorgeous Fashionista was also wearing a cropped sheer blouse that showcased her toned torso. Her blouse was detailed with small buttons up the front of the blouse, lace on the shoulders and back, peplum three-quarter sleeves, and very faint stripes. She decided to wear a light colored bra underneath the blouse, allowing you to still see the bra but not steal the attention away from the rest of the outfit.

She accessorized this effortless outfit with stackable rings, a silver chain choker, and long bolo necklace. Her accessory choices were my favorite part of the outfit because they brought the whole outfit together and made it feel cohesive original.

When I asked her about her sense of style, she immediately responded with “boho-chic”. Her outfit screamed boho-chic from the chunky shoes to the sheer blouse to the chain choker. I admire her effortless style and natural beauty and hope to see her more around campus to analyze her outfits once again.